10 tips to boost web traffic

Any web manager or designer wants and generally needs web traffic to increase their sales and visibility of their products or services.
There are many articles which claim to increase your web traffic by unimaginable factors and most of these seem to only increase the volume of traffic they receive.

Desirable and Useful content
One reason why these articles receive such volumes of traffic is obvious. The content of the article is highly desirable and web manager want to know of any short-cuts to get to their end result. If your products and services are not desirable, well you probably need to forget what you are doing and find something else to do. If you believe your products are of value to customers how long do you continue to promote them on the web before you give up and do something else. I have a suite of dictionary software for mobile devices which I sell via http://www.mobiledictionary.co.uk. I have limited success selling thes, but give away 80-100K of products away each month. People like freebies, but does that always translate into sales.

Free products, eBook or videos are often available for download in exchange for an email address. If you gather email addresses bear in mind that you should disclose that you may email later, if you intend to and when you do, you should offer opt-outs and include your contact information at the bottom of the email. Don't SPAM and don't get accused of SPAMMING... it will ruin your reputation.

Viral Traffic
Viral marketing or viral traffic is assured if you have a funny, catchy gimmick which is loved and shared by your audience. Great... if it was so simple then we would all be getting the traffic we desire on our first attempt. Viral success depends on the "word" being spread exponentially... in other words 2 to 4 to 8 to 16 to 32 to 64 to 128 to 256 to 512 to 1024 doubling everytime anyone come in contact with your witty piece. Even still does this translate into sales.

Youtube is a great platform for viral marketing and also for presenting your products and services. You can include web URLs in page descriptions and rank highly for your niche search terms.

Buy Hits or use Traffic exchange programmes
Why not buy traffic? 50,000 hits for $9.99... great value... or FREE auto traffic exchange. You set your browser up using a service to continually refresh with new pages. In exchange someone else will do the same thing and "browse" your site. I don't think manual traffic exchange is much better. You spend hours at the computer clicking on icons to prove it isn't automated, but if you aren't looking at what comes up in your browser then why would anyone else. You hits will go up, but not your sales.

Articles and eZines for creating backlinks
According to the experts creating backlinks by writing articles give credibility to your site in the eyes of Google, Yahoo and MSN. Links contained in articles additionally attract readers to your site and potential business if they are relevant to your business. One disadvantage could be that you duplicate content and create competition for yourself in search engine rankings. My FREE dictionary software given away on large freeware sites is ranked higher than my paid software on my website... in this case extremely annoying as I'm not even allowed a backlink, though the web address is contained in the product itself. Writing useful articles takes time and how many do you need to get out there to generate new business? Answers questions by
getting involved in forums and blogs related to your niche or on Yahoo Answers.

Social Networking
The Facebook phenomenon, requires in principle to build up a set of thousands of friends who you slowly coerce into buying your products. My wife and kids use it as a communications tool, the way it was intended, and would be bored ridged if I suddenly started to sell them dictionary software. Are random "friends" any more likely to buy your products, they are just as likely to ask the same of you!! Social networks may be great for helping in you viral marketing campaign.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
SEO again boils down to great desirable content. The structure of your content including meta-tags needs to be in tune with your customers. Within a niche it is not too difficult to choose a set of keywords or search phrase and target them to achieve high rankings. The issue lies in predicting how your customers would search for your products and achieving high rankings with those terms.

Google Adwords and Adsense
Google Adwords and Adsense are used to buy and sell traffic via targeted ads. Adwords provides tools to find high volume keywords, phrases and search terms within your niche and indicates competition levels. These tools are designed for web managers to optimise their buying and selling potential, but can also be used to evaluate the volumes of hits against specific terms where you have success. Some gurus will have you believe that monetizing your site with these tools can return huge revenues with a five page blog. During a campaign check your web stats and you may find potential gold mines, words or phrases you don't expect which can be used to create new content rich pages of their own or further integrated into existing content.

Tip Ten
Unless you are very lucky the secret to obtaining a flood of web traffic is hard work. Great informative content for a great product, targeted precisely to your desired audience using a broad range of techniques including backlinks on none competing sites enticing your customers find out more about your amazing company.