Bulk eMailing

Bulk eMailing is used extensively for disseminating corporate newsletters and corporate flyersinforming contacts of events and new products. Bulk eMailing software can analyze the effectiveness of a mail campaign. The software not only manages undeliverable mails, but can also analyze mails that are opened, including the number of times it is opened and the internal links that are clicked. By viewing this data, more refined targeted mails can be sent to subscribers who indicate interest in particular areas, by their link selection.

Bulk emailing software such as Lyris can be installed on a server hosting mail (SMTP) services, of which one example is MS Exchange. Online software solutions can be also implemented for bulk eMail distribution and analysis.

Using this software, configuration options for mail groups can provision for online or email based subscription requests and similarly for individuals to unsubscribe. A server can manage multiple groups for a single purpose or periodic mailings.

The down side of bulk eMailing is that a great deal of spam is sent via it and when mails are delivered originating from this kind of software, spam filters may block delivery of the mail or mark it as junk. It may be necessary for subscribers to ask their mail provider to whitemail a bulk mailer to receive newsletters originating from the server. Subscribers may not be aware that their provider is blocking mails and may assume that the newsletter service is at fault reflecting on the organisation.

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