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eMail Groups

Bulk eMail servers can be configured with multiple groups. Groups may be configured solely for delivery only, as with the case of a newsletter, but others may allow for feedback to be re-circulated within the group. Lyris, for example, can be configured so that mail delivery is monitored and controlled by the owner of the group. This provides protection against none relevant or unsuitable content being circulated to subscribers.

Unmoderated groups can also be set up so that no intervention is required by the owner of the group. The owner of the group can bar subscribers from sending mails if there is a violation of group trust or expel them completely, but this could be of little compensation if the damage is already done.

Subscription to groups can also be moderated which means that members cannot join without approval. A group can also be established by the moderator by mailing individuals with an invitation to join the group, whose response automatically joins them to the group.

An eGroup can be used in a similar way to a discussion forum and can also be set with time bound limits. eGroups have been used successfully prior to meetings to investigate opinion and encourage debate before the opening speeches and can influence the agenda.