Capacity Building

I cited Authorware as a powerful development and delivery tool for computer based training. Training packs consisting of multiple DVDs can be produced consisting of many different delivery products.

CBT developed in Authorware

Video case studies

Audio documentaries

PowerPoint presentations with or without audio

Videos produced from screen and audio capture, perhaps presentations

Publications or eBooks in the form of PDF for MS Words file.

Google sites can be set up as a dedicated course learning group or social network. A domain can host many sites – with a site being private to a select group or open to the general public. YouTube can be used to host videos and audio documentaries which can be easily linked to pages on Google sites, but remember these are limited to 10 minutes.

Google sites is suited for hosting modules, including documents and other media as resource materials. Materials need not be uploaded to the site, if they are available on Google Books, instead links would be provided to the resource. If a student uses Google Books as a service for other course resources, a private library can be developed by each student.

Google Sites pages also support the addition of comments by authorized group members similar to a blog, but other blogging platforms may work better for different scenarios.

eGroups can also be set up for participants to engage in discussion via mail and consider RSS feeds for delivering materials, articles and podcasts as well as automated additions to blog forum.

OpenACircle is another platform, as mentioned above which could also be used for lectures or special events. This platform keeps a meeting open and can record video, audio and instant messaging or chat. A “Circle” could be established for a single event or a progressive series of lectures. Short courses could be completely held and recorded through OpenACircle. These are private meetings to selected invited members, but provisions may be possible for “Closed Circles” to be made available as public resources.