Collaborative Platforms

Having experienced video conferencing I do not consider that these platforms are suitable for a ‘full on’ four day continuous meeting. The internet is clearly robust and would support a meeting of this kind, using OpenACircle for example, but I do not think that most participants are ready for the experience. Conferencing of this kind can be used for 45 minute to one hour sessions, but side meetings conducted at local sites should not be integrated. Chairing or facilitating and taking minutes for online meetings are also techniques which have to be developed.

Online classroom delivery for courses is also suited to this platform, but how much can a student take in a day? Research shows that 45 minute lecture sessions are the limit for concentration. Approaches need to be examined to derive a lesson structure which suits online training, utilizing video lecture delivery.

Chat, as well as audio and video, can be used with OpenACircle and can be recorded and later reviewed. Students who miss a presentation can watch it at a later stage and read text based feedback.