Desktop Sharing

Another tool which can be used for online document collaboration is desktop sharing. Desktop sharing is when a remote user can view or control another computer over the internet. This tool can also be used as part of an online meeting or during an online workshop for making presentations. It is also well suited for collaboration on a document or working with mind mapping software, or simply a white board during brain storming activities.

Both Polycom PVX and Microsoft Netmeeting support desktop and file sharing over a point to point connection.

Ultra VNC is an open source, feature rich and reliable desktop and file sharing application. Multiple connections can be made to one machine and rights set for selected connected users to control the hosting machine and for other meeting participants to have view-only rights. Used in a training environment, a presentation can be made to multiple participants. A remote resource person could also deliver the presentation, by taking control of the hosted machine. This kind of solution can be used in parallel with multi-party audio conferencing where participants can be invited to ask questions after the presentation.

It is also worth mentioning that Unyte, a plugin for desktop sharing and online collaboration exists for both Skype and Yahoo messenger. Mikogo ( is another plugin for Skype which is 100% free with no restrictions. Mikogo can also be used for scheduling meetings without Skype, providing client software for invited participants to join the meeting without subscribing to any service. Meeting owners have to register with Mikogo, but participants wishing to collaborate, need only the client and the meeting reference, which they can receive via eMail.

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