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eBook Readers

There are special pieces of software which support multiple eBook formats and other eBook readers which only support their own format. These eBook readers are often cross platform and some make it easy for publishers to convert books to their format from other formats such as PDF.

FBReader is an open source eBook reader which supports multiple formats including the Kindle’s AZW format and is available on a number of platforms.

Case I

FBReader has been used with the Asus EEE, a low cost 1 kg laptop, running Linux to simulate the Kindle experience, also switching the screen to portrait so that pages can be read in long rather than wide view. This combination could be considered superior to the Kindle as it would also support PDF and of course you would have a fully functional light and portable laptop for other purposes. A number of lightweight, low cost small laptops are emerging into the market from various vendors which could also be used as hardware readers.