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Spam and Junk

Spam is a growing annoyance to all of us who have one or many eMail accounts. More than 80% of my mails are complete junk, originating from something to which I’d subscribed to receive a free online service I thought I might need or because my eMail address has been harvested in some unscrupulous manner by spammers who want to improve my “performance” or promise to line my pockets with gold from the streets of Lagos. 

Filters can be set by eMail service providers to remove these mails, but many get through and some of my legitimate mails are lost between V-I-A-G-R-A and ‘in trust oil fortunes’. These same kinds of filters may also ‘mark as junk’ a monthly corporate newsletter, detracting from the quality of service an organisation may wish to portray.

From an administrator’s perspective it is also difficult to set up spam filters. In my experience default settings have blocked all mails originating from Nigeria and any mail with the string ‘Porn’ appearing in its body or header content. If your organisation is an NGO based in Lagos dealing with child pornography issues then ‘we have a problem Houston!’