Image Sharing

This section isn’t about selecting the right image for that core strategic document – it is about sharing experiences and knowledge in the form of still images rather than video.

Categorised image libraries are very useful for browsing and filtering in search of the right image for, as the expression goes, “saying a thousand words”, but also for selecting pictures for case imagery for training materials or presentations, perhaps selecting before compared to after or species identification photos.

Image libraries are relatively simple to integrate into an organisation’s information systems and are another form of document management. Images are uploaded and categorised and thumbnails are displayed against each record for quick navigation.

An image gallery may be a feature of the organisation’s web authoring system through which images can be managed on a website. If this is not a feature then thumbnails can be displayed on a webpage as a gallery, with links to full quality files. Easy ThumbNails, a free application available from, can be used to create image thumbnails for upload. This kind of web gallery has to be created and managed manually.

Picasa is a free application available for download from Google. It can be used by individuals to manage images on a personal computer, but can also be used to manage image slideshows and galleries on the web. Any GMail users can subscribe to this web service for which they will be able to utilise 1 GB of space, 500 images at 2MB each. An organisation which has a corporate Gmail account, can use this platform for sharing images. Although a domain can register their MX DNS record, for managing email delivery, with GMail as mentioned earlier, each user will not qualify for the service, but this may change in the future and would be very convenient.

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