Intellectual Capital

Document management systems linked to activities are integral for organizational knowledge management systems. The integrated system captures operational knowledge level activities through structured approaches to document creation, storage, sharing and collaboration managed at a record and file level, by the system.

Collaboration on material or document development with partners may not be practical, restrained by the confines of an institutional system and its authentication. Collaborative platforms such as OpenACircle, Google Apps, Social Networking Sites, Social Bookmarking, eGroups and Discussion forum offer internet environments for a diverse set of cooperation approaches. Some of these forums should also be considered for internal collaboration.

Knowledge systems should maintain a complete audit trail of the development of intellectual capital. Lessons can be learned from information gathering approaches, only visible through the audit trail of group thinking recorded in documents and correspondence. An audit trail may also expose conclusions derived from gathered information as unfounded.

A comprehensive audit trail of correspondence and group activities deriving a work should be traceable in the system. Activity and task progress are not only an indicator for management or a reference point for new staff joining an organization, but are also a measure of the intellectual value of the deliverable based on work to date.