Some people are willing some of the time and some people are willing all of the time, but all the people are not willing all of the time.”

We have heard the same expression with regards to fooling people – and don’t be persuaded into thinking that full cooperation from all staff will be forthcoming.

“I don’t have time!”

“I don’t have time to learn!”

“It’s not my job to enter this data!”

“The system is too complicated!”

“I will never be able to remember how to do that!”

“Quite frankly, I’m just not doing it!”

A salesman will tell you that when selling a product to a customer you will expect the customer to give reasons for not buying. A good salesman will be able to answer all these customer objections and make the sale.

Management decisions have to be made to insure that provisions are made to insure that objections can be answered, willingness is developed and that “Quite frankly, I’m just not doing it!” can be answered with “That is not your choice in this organization!” if needs be. Implementation of these solutions with input from across an organization requires all managers to buy into the process.