Knowledge Bases

FAQ and question and answer services and platforms, as well as record level databases are mechanisms for collecting and sharing searchable information online.

Formal record level databases, such as online library databases, provide a platform for searching for records which meet specific criteria, in very much the same way as on local area network solutions using desktop clients. Online solutions can also be developed for remote input over the internet or through virtual private networks, using server or domain level authentication to verify client credentials.

FAQ, frequently asked questions, are other ways in which individuals can find answers to specific queries through broad based answers dealing with generic questions. In contrast, Q&A, question and answer services are a searchable forum often in the form of blogs detailing interactive feedback working towards a solution for an individual needing an answer. They can be used in much the same way as FAQ and record level databases for searching for existing answers, but are also used to post new questions, which may be answered by the forum community or moderator and in some cases remain unanswered. Some of these services are paid by subscription and others usually require registration to post questions or contribute to answers.

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