Configure Blogs or Fora

Discussion forum and blogging modules are often included with or are available as plug-ins for website content management systems used for authoring organisational websites. When developing websites without the use of a web content management system, in applications such as MS Frontpage, a Discussion Forum module can easily be created. The example of MS Frontpage requires that the hosting server has Frontpage Server Extension configured. Open source Discussion Forum platforms, which do not to rely on a back end database, may be developed using active server pages (.asp) or php.

Blogger and Word Press are two popular sites where blog hosting is free of cost. Under these circumstances the blog’s web address would not be logically connected to the organisation’s domain. This issue can be solved by providing a redirection via a sub-domain configured in the domain DNS records i.e. mapped to the real web address.

Word Press can be downloaded and installed in an organisation’s web space. It does require that MySQL, an open source database, is also installed on the web server for managing the system. MySQL is often already installed on web hosting servers and Word Press provides its “Famous 5-Minute Install” guide with instructions for remote installation, ( making the installation process less technically challenging.