Podcasting is a term used for Audio and Video RSS feeds. Video and Audio content stored on a website or on a media server can be included as content as for an RSS feed. The RSS feed acts as a pointer to the media, which can then be downloaded or received as a stream from the link in the feed.

Case III

Presentations, papers, video and audio content exist as part of a training pack. The course is to be conducted remotely online. Each participant subscribes to the course RSS feed. Before each session, new content is made available on the website in the form of text files, presentations, audio and/or video as preparation material. Each participant automatically receives new links to this content from the course feed and gradually builds their course material by downloading from references in the RSS feed.

Once the course is finished the same feed can be used to inform alumni of new courses or relevant events that are to be hosted by the organisation.

Case IV

An organisation has audio interviews in the form of tapes, which they may wish to digitize and edit into a series of short thematic documentaries. Over time the series is gradually published on their website. Rural radio stations subscribe to the feeds and are automatically informed when a new episode is released. The documentary is downloaded and broadcast locally to their communities.