Sharing other's Feeds

It is desirable for any organisations to have regularly updated relevant content on web pages. If you can get someone else to do the work for you it’s even better. Using free tools, RSS feeds from other’s websites can be formatted and published on the organisational web site. describes 5 free tools for formatting and publishing RSS feeds from other sites on a chosen webpage.

Case I is an experimental website with dynamic content which requires no authoring. All web page content is fed from RSS feeds collected from other websites publishing RSS feeds, most specifically from the BBC website. Many search engines favour sites with dynamic content when indexing, but with no fixed content is not indexed well.

Case II

Imagine thematic pages on your website that are updated automatically with all the latest news items from thousands of media sources. Use Google News to search for all the latest news on a single theme, using keywords which return the most relevant results. This will have to be tested manually. Click on the RSS button and copy the URL. Now open and follow the instructions for producing the javascript for collecting and formatting the feed. You will need to paste the URL copied from Google News during the process as it is the source for the content. The website will produce the necessary script for displaying the content on a webpage. Copy the javascript that is produced and paste it into a HTML web page, also containing other content which identifies the page to the organisation. Publish the page on your website. The page will automatically update with fresh content without any further authoring.