Selective Dissemination

FURL was cited as a mechanism for personal and social bookmarking. A FURL tool bar can be installed in an internet browser, such as Internet Explorer, to be used for automatically adding web article bookmarks. These bookmarks can also be made available in social bookmarking groups, where contributions can be made by a group, perhaps linked to a social network. Information pooling of articles from journals, publications and other reference materials can be used by group practitioners for individual use.

Remember FURL can be used to store articles for web consistency. This insures that bookmarked links listed in the thematic group FURL are reachable. This provision can also be made for articles distributed via RSS.

By making adjustments to the way experts research and reference information for their own activities and deliverables, a thematic service can be provided offering information collection, filtering and dissemination, either by adding book marks to a public FURL group or by configuring an RSS feed.

The selective dissemination of information would not provide any analysis or comment, only filtered complete quality thematic articles offered as recommended reading lists for fellow practitioners.