Javascript Video Streams

There are a number of applications which can be used to broadcast video from a personal computer using a webcam, including BroadCam video. One disadvantage of Broadcam is that there is a delay of three to five seconds between sending and receiving. This is fine if the audio and video are broadcast together on the same stream, but not very satisfactory if the audio is received separately, for example over a bridged audio conference call, such as with FreeConference.

YAWCam ( is a Javascript webcam streaming application for which the output can be viewed on a webpage hosted on a personal computer on a fixed IP address, firewall settings permitting. The stream from this software does not experience significant delay. Using separate video and auto software for conferencing is unlikely to be perfectly in synchronisation for the full period of the conference or broadcast, but YAWCam and VOIP may be satisfactory.

Case IV

Using YawCam, a laptop is taken into a meeting room attached to a webcam to stream video over the web for multiple parties to view through a public webpage. Audio conferencing is conducted in parallel via a phone conference call using FreeConference. Each room joining the conference could replicate the configuration and the meeting can enjoy multi-party video sharing as well as voice conferencing. Each party would need to share their fixed IP address before the meeting. An administrator could configure a single web page ahead of the meeting, using frames so that the multiple video streams could be viewed on a single URL.