SMS Gateways

An organisation can host its own SMS or MMS gateway for handling the delivery of SMS or MMS messages. They can be integrated in with corporate eMail to provide a service to send and receive messages from within an eMail client. They can also be used for bulk delivery, sending the same message, to a limit of 160 characters, to all recipients. An MMS message can be used to send multimedia messages, including audio, video or images.

SMS and MMS Gateways can be used for delivery of information to mobile phones where internet is not an option. Budget consideration will prevail if exploring this kind of service, unless subscribers are prepared to pay for information to be delivered to their phones. Bulk SMS and MMS delivery can be expensive.

Many mobile devices have storage capacities and processing power far in excess of desktop PCs from the early 90s and application runtimes, such as .Net and J2ME (Java) provide opportunities for system integration. It would be possible to process SMS messages, to append information to a dataset stored on a mobile phone, using a small application develop in J2ME, a version of Java specifically designed to access functionality on a J2ME supported device.

Q&A services could be based around SMS messaging.