Network Hosting

Some sites, such as provide a service for hosting social networks, as they say, ‘for anything’. The networks can be free to setup and use, but in this case will be funded by advertising, which may appear unprofessional to partners collaborating on the site. Adverts can be removed for a monthly fee. Nings are easy to set up and are quite feature rich.

Google Sites is a service available to GMail subscribers and to subscribers whose domain is registered with Google. It is again pretty feature rich, due to possible integration with many third party Google plug-ins. A Ning is more “off the shelf”, but Google has more to offer because of its integration with other Google services and a wide and growing range of third party plug-ins. Individual users can customize their personal logon page with objects that display the document library, the events calendar and can also display additional objects available from plug-ins such as ToDo lists.

It is widely recognized that there is tremendous value within and between social networks, whether it is for business or stability in civil society, referred to in broad terms as social capital. The value of online social networking is a forum for the individual and the collective to developed intellectual capital through knowledge management participatory processes.