P2P Conferencing

Polycom PVX is a low cost (USD150), software solution which – rather than being routed via a server, as in the case of the above common examples – is a direct point to point connection between the two devices, using known or fixed IP addresses. The advantage of this is that communication between the two machines is not managed by a third party server, so the connection should be of better quality.

The Polycom PVX software is also designed to have the capability of connecting to hardware video conferencing systems via the H323 protocol. These systems are quite expensive in comparison to a cheap laptop, a webcam and a copy of this software.

Microsoft’s Netmeeting, which is free for Windows users, is another point to point video and audio conferencing software which also uses the H323 protocol, but is not fully compliant in connecting to the hardware video conferencing systems.

For both Polycom PVX and Netmeeting, point to point video conference calls can be held between users using compatible software, without the need for any party to use hardware systems.